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Sunday, 18 February 2018 13:50

12V Dual Wireless Controller

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gyde powered by gerbing 12v dual wireless temperature controller 17Rob presented a small show & tell on the GYDE Powered By Gerbing temperature controller for heated gear.  He talked about trying to find your controller and taking your eyes off the road while looking for it.  He made some valid points and it is worth a look.  You can find out more about it HERE.

Sunday, 28 February 2016 14:59

Emergency Kit

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Suggested Kit

Spark Plug Wrench, 8mm Open & Box End Wrench, 10x12 & 14x17mm Open & Box End wrenches, Pliers, #1 & #3 CrossTip screwdrivers, Flat Tip Screwdrivers, 5 & 6 mm Hex Wrench, Tire Pressure Gauge Jumper Cables, Tool Bag, First Aid Kit and Emergency Lighting.

I put this list together due to the fact that when I purchased my ride, it didn’t have a tool kit. I searched the Internet and found one. Brand new from Honda at $100 or more. So, I put the tools together out of my tool box. I bought a First Aid kit last year from our own chapter. Purchased two LED Triangle Red/White lights and then put it all in one bag that I purchased from Cabela’s. Now I have everything in one bag. Oh lest I forget, I’ve also included hand wipes and sun screen. In my particular case, I also have packed two days of my prescription medications. Now I can put this bag in the car or in the bike. Granted I have a trike and have the space available. So, it goes with me when I go for day rides or overnight rides. I can also just pick it up and put in the car. In Alaska, just about everyone had some sort of survival kit packed up. I’m sure I’ll add a few more items, but for now it works. I suggest that you look at this and maybe put something together yourself. You never know what you will run in to.

Sunday, 07 February 2016 11:46

Switch Replacement

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For sometime I've been meaning to replace the two switches on the left console, these being the Hazard and Fog Light switches.  I've had several issues of them locking up in a position I don't want them in.  Mainly the Hazard one. It just seems to want to lock up in the ON position which is just not cool.  So, I went to the Internet, looked at Chet's idea from his 4-Way site, proceeded to make the change.  I got the switches and the relays from Radio Shack for about $12 total.  I've heard that a new HondaLine Switch is in the area of $75.  Go figure that one out.  Anyway, the new switches fit perfectly and I used the relay on the Hazard switch because of the amount of wires that needed to be connected.  The switch only has 3 terminals, a Ground, a Hot and a Switched Hot out.  There is a small LED in the switch to let you know that it is on and even at night it's not a problem.  So far the only problem is that I have to have the key in the lock and either ON or in the ACC position for the hazards to operate.  That will be my next mod is to change the wiring so that when the switch is on, the 4-ways will be operational.  Here is a finished shot of the switches.switches

fourwaywing relay


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