What is the
Gold Wing Road Riders Association?

  Established in 1977, the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) is an International Association that provides an atmosphere for fun, safety, and knowledge to Gold Wing and Valkyrie motorcycle owners.
  GWRRA is a social organization formed for the pleasure, recreation, safety, exchange of information, coordination of common motorcycle efforts, promotion of camaraderie and friendship of its Members and chapters, without political or religious affiliations or influence.

  Other purposes include:
  •  Assisting all motorcyclists in achieving and/or improving public acceptance of motorcyclists.
  •  Member support of civic, local, police, charity, and government organizations.
  •  Education of the non-motorcycling public concerning motorcycling problems.
  •  Dissemination of safety information relating to motorcycling and motorcyclists.
  •  Supporting the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF).
  •  Being a family oriented organization.
  •  Promoting and enlarging the Association’s Membership.
  •  To publish and distribute Wing World and other media that will inform, entertain, educate and enlighten our Members and officers.

  So, if you're looking to have some fun, a great breakfast and just some great fellowship with fellow riders, come join us on the third Saturday of every month at the Golden Corral on N Division.  Doors open at 8AM we meet 8:30AM to 9:30AM.  Afterwards, there is a better than average chance that we will be going on a ride.  We are starting to scout for new camp grounds and places of interest.  So, come on down and lets go for a ride!!!

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